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Can i wear my own shoes during bowling? 

All customers must wear the footwear provided by Premier Bowl & Laser. This is to ensure that our lanes remain to a high standard whilst caring for our customers safety whilst bowling.  If you have forgotten socks dont worry, disposable socks can be purchased for just £1. 


How long does a game of bowling last? 

This depends on how many people will be playing. On average we estimate that for 1 person to complete 1 game of bowling it woill take 10 minutes, so if you have 6 people bowling on one lane it is etimated that 1 game will last roughly 1 hour. 


How long does a game of laser last? 

A standard game of laser lasts for 20 minutes but by the time you have got your packs on and been briefed on the rules of the game it lcan take 30 minutes. 


Where can i park when i visit?

We are located at Ocean Plaza leisure park with plenty of parking available, All customers get a maximum stay of 5 hours at the leisure side with no option to pay for additional hours and 2 hours at the retail side. 

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How old do you have to be to play bowling?

Bowling is suitable for ages above 3 years old so long as they can lift the lightest ball (6lbs). We have bumpers on all of our lanes so that the ball will not go down the gutter aswell as ramps for people to bowl the ball down the lane.


How old do you have to be to play laser tag?

All players must be over 6 years old to play laser due to health & Safety and the sizing of our packs. This is also due to the fact that standard laser games can be hosted with mixed groups and often can have varied age groups in during one time. 


How do i understand the scoring system for bowling?

The game consists of ten frames (ten sets of pins) per player. The aim of the game is to knock down all the pins with a bowling ball; you get two goes each frame to do this.  If you managed to knock them all down in your first go you get a strike, if you managed to get them all down with your second go this is called a spare.  A strike is worth 10 plus the value of your next 2 balls, and a spare is worth 10 plus the value of your next ball. In the tenth fame you get an additional 2 balls if you get a strike or one ball if you get a spare.

 For example if you got 9 in the first frame, a strike on the second frame and 8 on the third your score would be 35. If you had 9 in the first frame a spare in the second then knocked over 2 pins with your first ball and 6 with your second on the third frame then your score would be 27.


Have a question that we have not answered? Email us at and will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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